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We all know about SpongeBob meme since from the time when people expressed their point of view by making funny pictures of SpongeBob on the base of their ideas on a specific topic. From this time to onwards people still enjoy by making memes of SpongeBob.

SpongeBob Meme is taken from all the SpongeBob Animated Series

The American Animated cartoon series is top-rated since the time of publishing of its second season. The structure of this article is categorized into the introduction of the SpongeBob character, and then it’s all memes. Before going into depth of actual topic, let first introduce SpongeBob Animated Cartoon Series.

Mr. Hillenburg was a famous marine biologist. He got an idea of SpongeBob series from his passion for marine life. Therefore, all characters are from real life sea species. He created, designed and animated all characters of SpongeBob Series.

spongebob meme


The whole SpongeBob series is based on the primary adventurous character “SpongeBob” and his friends. Also, they live in an undersea city of Bikini Bottom. Almost every character belongs to sea species and has properties most likely as same as the human. Most of the characters took into account in the series from the officially unpublished comic book “Intertidal Zone.” Hillenburg wrote this comic Book in 1989.

Bill Fagerbakke, Lori Alan, Mr. Lawrence, Jill Talley, Rodger Bumpass, Clancy Brown Carolyn Lawrence, Mary Jo Catlett and Tom Kenny took the responsibility of voice over. Also, Hillenburg initially started work from 1984 while he was teaching marine biologist in the Institute of “Orange County Marine Institute” located in California.

SpongeBob Meme is Become The Most Popular Meme On The Internet

SpongeBob is the fabricated or fictional and main titular character in the SpongeBob episodes. Tom Kenny played the role of “voice over” of this character. On May 1, 1999, SpongeBob appeared on television for the first time. Moreover, the character name belonged to “Bob the Sponge” the sponge species.

In other hands, he received the positive critical response from the media, but many people criticized him. He has also got many popularities from adults and children. Due to foundation’s link goes to Homosexuality; therefore, he faced creolization from various people. SpongeBob looks very funny when we call him a Caveman SpongeBob. See this tweet about SpongeBob meme.

SpongeBob is a good-natured, optimistic, enthusiastic and naïve yellow colored sea sponge. He works at Mr. Krabs’s restaurant and local fast food restaurant as a fry cook. He is a ridiculous scrubber a particular species of sponge in the sea. SpongeBob has a good friend named Patrick, and he often deals with his everyday matters with him.

SpongeBob lives in a submerged pineapple with Gary. His first goal in life is to achieve driving license from Mrs. Puff’s boat driving school. In spite of his intention whenever he tries to drive a boat he frights, and alarms. Moreover, his good habit is to deal with everyone with thankfully, therefore, he knows what the thinking of everybody about him. Consequently, he is always in a learning position.

Due to funny scenes in the episodes, People love to make funny jokes and SpongeBob dank Memes. So, after a little bit intro about SpongeBob try to enjoy SpongeBob meme and funny jokes about him.

Viral SpongeBob Meme:




Imagine if you have a crush, and you want to crush your crush but instead breaking her, your crush crushes you. What do you have feelings like this? Oh, poor little soul wanna crush your crush… oh, sorry your crush breaks back on you too.

Viral Whirl designed this SpongeBob meme. This meme describes the fate of Plankton in the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants “Plankton!”.

Undersea Logic makes SpongeBob Meme Great…

SpongeBob cartoon series took place in underwater in the city of Bikini Bottom. This City located in the Pacific Ocean beneath the real-life coral reef known as Bikini Atoll. In the episode of SpongeBob series, you will always see the cartoons under the sea. Also if you see a fire under the sea, you will be surprised that what the hell is going into the series.So the theme of SpongeBob series is the first meme of this animation. That’s why this undersea and fire meme is going to be viral over the internet phenomenon meme.


This Twitter meme is going to viral on the Internet…

SpongeBob Meme when Girls takes Selfies…





Patrick Meme is mutual dependent upon SpongeBob meme

Patrick is a fictional role in an American animated SpongeBob cartoon series. Marine biologist created and designed Patrick, a starfish looking character who always remained the funniest role in the series. On May 1, 1999, he first appeared on TV in the episode of “Help Wanted” in pilot series.

Patrick is an overheavy, mindless pink starfish who lives under a rock in the city of Bikini Bottom. He has one property that is a “lack of common sense” that always help him and his friends to get into trouble.

Patrick has achieved his goal by receiving positive reactions from fans. His funny role in SpongeBob Animation urges people to make a meme of his comic character. Patrick remained an ignorant and humorous character in SpongeBob. Have a look at Patrick meme and enjoy it.



Wormy CloseUP

Patrick Under Patrick…


Meet Your Crush…



Mr. Krabs Meme

Krabs is a fictional character in SpongeBob Animated Series. He appeared on TV in his first episode “Help wanted.” Clancy Brown took the responsibility of voice over of Mr. Krabs. Also, marine biologist Hillenburg designed the character of Mrs. Krab. He belongs to Krab sea species.



He is the owner of Krusty Krab restaurant and running his successful business. Krabs has a passion for earning and saving more money than anyone and he hates spending money. Therefore, he stores his cash in his house and safe when he is on his job. He disregards the need for employees, SpongeBob and Squidward.

At Krusty Krab restaurant SpongeBob work as a cook and Squidward work as a cashier. Plankton always in a quest to get the secrets of Mr. Krabs restaurant. Krabs knows the value of money in his life so he would do anything to earn money. Due to the wealthy behavior of Mr. Krabs, his meme is taking over the internet with SpongeBob meme.




When you are at on Drugs…



Sandy Meme with SpongeBob meme 

She belongs to squirrel species. She first appeared in SpongeBob Animated Series in the episode of “Tea at Tree dome” in 1999. Her last appearance took place in the episode of “Pat the Horse” in 2017.

She is an intelligent, scientific, anthropomorphic squirrel who lives in Bikini Bottom and is from Texas. Sandy is working on a research project funded by three land-based chimps. These chimps appeared in the fourth season “Chimps Ahoy.” She knows karate very well and enjoys karate practicing with SpongeBob. She is also an excellent bodybuilder and is rodeo champion.

Sandy meme, as well as SpongeBob meme, are viral memes on Twitter and Facebook.



Chew my Nuts…


Squidward Meme with SpongeBob meme


In an American comedy SpongeBob meme series, Squidward is the solemn character. People often laugh at him when he acts like a funny joke. Squidward arrived in the Cartoon series in the episode “Help Wanted” in 1999 and belongs to octopus species.

He is an ill-tempered, exaggerated, unscrupulous, mocking, incurred hostile and annoys his neighbors by his annoying noise and ill-tempered behavior. This SpongeBob character works in Krusty Krab restaurant as a cashier with SpongeBob who is a fry food cook. See this meme.

Squidward has performed in many SpongeBob SquarePants publications. His rating from fans and other people is positive. His role in SpongeBob meme is amusing as he remained unfortunate throughout the series and often become the reason for laughing. Enjoy with Squidward meme.

An Awkward Moment…


Portrayed Squidward…


patrick dank meme

Mrs. Puff Meme with SpongeBob Meme

Mrs. Puff is a pufferfish species and first emerged in the episode of “Boating School” in 1999. She is a driving instructor and running her driving school. Puff is very honest about his business. SpongeBob often wants to take boat driving license, but due to the lousy performance, SpongeBob did not qualify grant.

Mrs. Puff is very kind to SpongeBob and deals with him friendly. SpongeBob often harms his teacher. You will see meme according to her dealings with SpongeBob meme.



Am I looks like Donald Trump.?


Pearl Krabs, a friend of SpongeBob

She belongs to sperm whale species. She first appeared in “Squeaky Boots.” Her father Mr. Krab is the owner of Krusty Krab restaurant. When she grows older, she will run her father restaurant. Pearl works on town shipping center in the city of Bikini Bottom.

Pearl Krabs does not have interest in her father business, and she will handle their family business after graduation. The daughter of Krabs is very tall and when she cries the whole Krusty Krab fills with water.


Mr. Plankton Meme

Before going to Plankton’s meme topic let first introduce SpongeBob SquarePants’ character plankton. In an animated Television Series of SpongeBob SquarePants, Sheldon J. Plankton is an assuming character. Mr. Lawrence and Jill Tally maintained Plankton’s voice over responsibility. On July 31, 1999, Plankton first appeared in the Episode “Plankton!”

Marine biologist and Mr. Stephen Hiilenburg designed the character “Plankton.” Intellectual Plankton belongs to the planktonic copepod particular species. In SpongeBob Cartoon Series, every aspect belongs to specific species as mentioned above.

Plankton runs an unsuccessful business of Chum Bucket restaurant with Karen who is like a supercomputer with a talking attribute. Plankton is the rival of Mr. Krabs who runs a successful business of Burger restaurant. The Krabby Patty is the fictional name of Burger of Mr. Krab’s restaurant. Plankton often plans to steal the secrets of Mr. Krabs restaurant but all in vain due to Mr. Krabs’s and his employee’s techniques to run a business.

Plankton always jealousies about his rival restaurant and hence due to his attitude, we make a meme of Mr. Plankton with all relevancies to his work. Have a look at a meme which looks funny with SpongeBob meme.

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someone tell plankton his girl Karen out here hoeing https://t.co/6W6AxlWwTu

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